Summer 2022

From April 21 – 23, 2022, I was honored to attend the 3rd
VIPOC (Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Conference)
in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Spring Newsletter 2021

I’d like to begin with a round of applause for VSI members! On 2/12/21, VSI sent out an email announcement about the (then) upcoming FDA “Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting for Vitiligo,” and boy did you guys ever come through! By Saturday morning, my inbox was filled with messages from those of you trying to register for the event only to be notified that the event was sold out. On Monday morning, I contacted the meeting director about the situation and they had registration reopened within 24 hours!

Winter Newsletter 2020

Each year as I compose my year-end message, I reflect on the year’s developments, events, news, etc., in a vitiligo “state-of-the-year” sort of way. While the work of research, advocacy, and awareness in the world of vitiligo most definitely continued this year, it may have seemed, like so much else in the world, to be lost in the background.

Fall Newsletter 2020

I receive a number of daily medical updates from a variety of sources, and one recently caught my attention. The Dermatology Practice Update “Story of the Week,” titled “Availability of Prescription Medications for Sale Without a Prescription on the Internet in the US.”